logo André Saraiva

Graffiti was the first way André Saraiva made his mark on the world. He was born in Sweden, and grew up on the outskirts of Paris tagging his name on the neighborhood’s walls as an urgent declaration of his existence.

His works have been shown in museums and contemporary art galleries around the world, with a monumental wall of tiles installed in Lisbon in 2016. Now an established hotelier, restaurateur, and nightlife pioneer, André Saraiva has never put away his spray can.

In fact, he sees every one of his many ventures as part of the same irreverent lifelong art project. One that he always approaches with a wink – just like his iconic graffitied alter-ego, Mr. A.

logo Régine Sumeire

Once upon a time, a young winemaker wanted to create a pale rosé wine. She had the idea to vinify red Grenache by pressing the entire grapes using a champanese press. The resulting juice that flew from the press had a pale color. The difference was noticeable with a deeper than usual length in the mouth. The Pétale de Rose was born in 1985, recognized as the first pale rosé in Provence.

Régine Sumeire, the daughter of Roger Sumeire, assures the continuity of the family work. She likes to say that it is her father who taught her gestures and care of the vineyard. The same father who said to her that he had lived a working life in accordance with her grandfather and who knew how to perfectly reproduce this model with his daughter.